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My Author Interview on Readers’ Realm. :)

Originally posted on Welcome to the Realm:

Here at Readers’ Realm, we believe that writers must first be readers. What do you enjoy reading?
Reading is one of my most favorite past times. There is nothing quite like finding a new book that tantalizes your imagination and invites your fingers to run along the binding. Growing up, I was blessed to have a wall of books to choose from thanks to my parents passion with reading. In college I was hard-pressed to not invest my last nickel and dime in a few dozen books at the local second-hand store. And when I received a check from one of the relatives for Christmas or Birthday? Yes, I went straight to the local Christian bookstore to see what they had in stock. Christmas gifts to others usually also consisted of an assortment of books from  Books are in my blood.

Andre Norton is one of my favorite fantasy…

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