House Tours

Today the hubs and I get to go see the house we’re in the process of buying! We call her “the Sheila house” because she is on Sheila Drive in Beulah.

The Sheila house

M has been blessed enough to see the house a multitude of times because of appraisals, but me? Just the once when I visited for a rushed week of house-hunting. For the past several weeks, all I have is the few images pilfered from the many real estate sites listing the house.

But now? I get to take pictures, video, and measure things out to see where my few pieces of meager furniture will end up. Also, I get to plan where my new furniture will go (once I buy it).

I am so excited!

Be assured, I will post pictures and/or video as soon as I can so you can share my joy!

Nona King

UPDATE: I am uploading the new images of the now-empty house to the Sheila House album on Google+

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  1. How exciting! Enjoy the process.

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