Creating Targets

Creating targets is the new year’s first challenge, of course, as is choosing the appropriate goals for each target.

Here we are in the 2nd week of the new year and I have come to find the first month of a new year is often spent breaking old habits and creating new ones. Targets are set, goals are put into place, but we still need to brush the dust off our discipline in order to fully dive into our new projects.

That’s the challenge I have been facing the last couple of weeks. I hope to throw off the bad habit of not investing daily time into my two targets by this coming week. Wisely, my husband has been choosing to remain silent rather than ask me if I’m going to work on such-and-such. He knows that if he asks the guilt rises up within me and smacks me in the face and makes me grumpy.

No one likes it when I’m grumpy.

Therefore, my goal for today is to get something done on the expansion of my paranormal fantasy, To Save A Soul. True, I’ve done the dishes and I will likely do some laundry, but while those items are important, so is staying on target with my advertised release dates. :)

It seems – to me – I need to create a un-target-related goal of writing something fictional on a daily basis….

Nona King

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