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Opportunities are what we make of them.

Just recently, the hubs and I discovered ourselves following the fast-paced life’s road returning us to friends and family in the Pacific Northwest. We have enjoyed our time here in NoDak, for the most part, but look forward to the new opportunities.

My hope is that the return will help me get back into the swing of things in regards to my writing and the motivation to push forward. Of course, I am also considering taking a sabbatical/brain break so I can once again find my footing. Find my passion and inspiration. My ‘why’, as it were.

But, again, opportunities are what we make of them. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong, there is a simple ‘do’ or ‘do not’. Kind of like Yoda, huh?

My challenge will be not to worry and just relax.

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3 responses to “Opportunities | CWBC

  1. Deborah K. Anderson

    Glad you’re enjoying North Dakota. While growing up, I spent most of my summers up there. Many wonderful memories.

    Oh, that’s a challenge for me as well, Nona. To just relax. :-)

  2. a sabbatical/brain break sounds good to me
    happy writing :)

  3. What? You’re moving back? Well, good for us west coasters. I’ll be praying for your move and how God will be leading you.

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