A Writer’s Bucket List

Joe Bunting from ‘The Write Practice’ said “Someday, I will die, and all the novels I dreamed of writing will die with me. Therefore, what books must I complete to die satisfied?

What follows is this writer’s Bucket List. This list is a work in progress.

The Broken #1, Resurrected HonorThe Broken #2, Reborne Heart

Resurrected Honor has been with me since 1998, first conceptualized from my high fantasy outline for Laisom when I needed to explain a Great War referenced therein. The intent, to use the storyline for an epic RPG PC game such as Dragon Age or Dungeon Seige.

RH has since blossomed into the never-released series titled The Broken, resplendent with prequels and spin-off novels… one of which is The Soul Cycle . Much as it sounds cliche, when I began writing and outlining this epic, the longing… the impression there was always another story waiting just beyond the horizon… it disappeared.

RH is the story that I believe I am meant to write. For what purpose, I am not yet certain, but the intensity of the belief system contained within the world makes me wonder if it is to be my way of witnessing to a completely different reader set. :) I don’t mind the challenge, albeit daunting to say the least, but where my Muse leads I must follow.

 Searching for Sara, design by Taria ReedReleasing Yesterday, heart of the blessed #2Broken Angel, Heart of the Blessed #3

Searching for Sara, Releasing Yesterday, and Broken Angel are another set of novels in my heart and mind for ages. Angel has waited since at least 1992, while Sara has only lingered since about 2001 (and has finally been published!). They are part of the Heart of the Blessed series based upon the Beatitudes from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. Rachel, from Broken Angel, is based from both the mournful and merciful spirits. Sara, however, is inspired by the meek and pure in heart.

There are so many other novel possibilities for this series, especially since there are eight beatitudes, four of which Luke called ‘the four woes’. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to put these two to rest before moving to something new and different. Not this time.

myth of reality

Myth of Reality is the first suspense romance I attempted. As of yet, the story is not yet complete, though close. I don’t know why I never followed through with the completion; it seems to be a trend that I am now trying to remedy. The characters are spunky and high-strung, somewhat difficult to control, and so dangerous! The villain is twisted and–again–difficult to predict and control. When I complete this novel, it will be one of my favorites.

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