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Opportunities | CWBC

Opportunities are what we make of them.

Just recently, the hubs and I discovered ourselves following the fast-paced life’s road returning us to friends and family in the Pacific Northwest. We have enjoyed our time here in NoDak, for the most part, but look forward to the new opportunities.

My hope is that the return will help me get back into the swing of things in regards to my writing and the motivation to push forward. Of course, I am also considering taking a sabbatical/brain break so I can once again find my footing. Find my passion and inspiration. My ‘why’, as it were.

But, again, opportunities are what we make of them. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong, there is a simple ‘do’ or ‘do not’. Kind of like Yoda, huh?

My challenge will be not to worry and just relax.


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Forward Momentum

This month, the Blog Chain is ruminating on the word ‘Forward’. I have no idea what I think or feel about the word. Is there anything more to say other than what I posted in my ‘Forward, HO!’ on

There have been excellent articles on this word already, and I’m not quite certain I have anything else to contribute. As it is, I am struggling a bit with my own forward momentum, including setting up a daily routine. There are so many things I need to do, compounded with the things I want to do, that I rarely get much of anything done. But I am determined to make some type of forward progress. Something that will be of encouragement to someone, even if it’s just me.

broken-heartThis week, I have been fighting off a cold as well as training my replacement, which may be compounding some of my mental issues. Who wants to train the person getting their job if it wasn’t their decision to leave the company in the first place?

So, needless to say, I feel a little like I’m limping ahead (if I’m moving at all). It is definitely not the attitude to be in when needing to post a blog article about ‘Forward.’

But that is the way of it sometimes.

That is the thing with being a writer, or a wife, or an employee. Some days we feel like we’re standing or wavering or limping, and other days we feel as if we’ve become an unstoppable force of nature. How I wish we could bottle that for later use… but we can’t. Instead, I try to continue stepping forward. I know the doldrums are a phase. The low self-esteem is simply a walk through a dark tunnel. Take notes. Make changes. Stand fast. Don’t let it win. Some days are easier than others, yes, but I’m too stubborn to do anything other than move forward.

I’ve struggled too long and hard to get where I am to simply roll over and give up. But what do I want? That is what I need to know before I can truly get anywhere, and that might be the problem now. Yes, I have targets and goals for this year, but I think there may be something beyond that which I haven’t taken into consideration, and that might be causing some of my internal floundering.

What am I afraid of?

Christian Writers Blog ChainAll of us need to ask ourselves that question at some point in time, and I think it may be coming upon the time where I need to ask myself an update of that question. What am I afraid of? What is holding me back? Why am I allowing it?

Where there is passion, there is forward momentum. So, if my forward motion has dwindled, that makes me think my passion has been injured. If I want to continue to move ahead, to grow, to reach people, then I need to take a moment and listen to what my heart wants.

What about you? Is anything holding you back?

Nona King


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Heirloom | CWBC

Heirlooms used to be a much more important tradition. They were a way of keeping the generations connected. Some would say it taught the younger generation unnecessary sentimentality. But heirlooms serve a different purpose, they are a reminder of history. History of individuals, families, countries and different times. Reminders of what to cherish and what to leave behind.

Nowadays, so often each week unveils the newest toy, a better-faster-stronger piece of technology. A bit more of the future. But what of our past? What of creative inspirations that speak to a different part of our soul? Remembering our past is not the same as reliving it. Instead, it is a motivator to change or improve. To soften. To strengthen. To laugh. To cry. To be human.

A way to keep generations connected.

I wish I had an heirloom to look at and remember a past generation which worked hard so we wouldn’t need to. Their struggle would remind me to be worthy of the here and now. Maybe even inspire me to ‘pay it forward’ for others? After all, it’s the right thing to do.

Christian Writers Blog ChainInstead, I have the single most important heirloom a person could have: God’s Word. A connection to past generations who struggled so we would know grace and mercy. And thanks to technology and the life behind these Words, I can easily carry it with me.

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