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#teasertuesday | Searching for Sara

Searching for Sara | Heart of the Blessed, #1

Today is another Teaser Tuesday from my first inspirational romance, Searching for Sara, as it travels around the ‘net on a Book Launch Blog Tour.

About the Book

Sara Little has ached to live in America. But being born of a single mother in London’s working class, she could only dream. Then, scrawled in hasty intensity, Sara receives an invitation to America. Drawn to the possibility of a new beginning, she follows God’s whisper and steps forward into the unknown. But more awaits than the realization of her dreams.

Sara’s benefactor is handsome widower Christopher Lake, a philanthropist dedicated to helping the less fortunate redefine their future. Though devastated by the loss of his wife, he dedicates himself to her last request: To provide Sara the means for a brighter future.


Sara’s first public display of her charcoal and pencil sketches is a success. Now,  in answer to her request, Christopher is about to give Sara her first lesson in the watercolor medium.

“Dix, why don’t you warm your attitude with a cup of Emily’s special roast while I introduce Sara to her work-station. Take your time. I’m sure my student won’t miss you.”

Something different shined in his expression, something Sara didn’t remember seeing before. “I canno’ thank you enough for offering.” Each word tumbled over itself, her insides fluttering with nervous exhilaration. “I do no’ care how difficult, I will do my best, and do all my studies, and read whatever you want for me to read. I just want to paint as well as you do.”

A smile teased his lips. “I see.”

“Your sister had herself a miniature you painted of yourself for one of your classes at the college. And Mr. Paul? He had a watercolor of Monument Avenue you done and did no’ care for. They showed them to me yesterday when I balked whether or not I wanted to come.”

Christopher’s hazel eyes twinkled down at her, arms crossed as he nodded along with her statements.

“Not that I did no’ think you wonderfully talented. I know you are – I have a feeling on things like that – but will I be a very good student? I have no’ been a student before, and I did no’ want to annoy you with silly mistakes that even Gwyn would no’ do. But then your sister and Mr. Paul said that it’s fine for students to make mistakes.”

He laughed. “Your enthusiasm is appreciated. Let us put it to good use.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Ah ah. I might be your instructor, but rules remain the same.” He motioned to the easel and paper, directing her focus with a hand on her shoulder. “This is an experimental area for right now. I only need you to do simple brush strokes with the different styles of brushes so that you can get your fingers, hands, and wrists familiar with their feel. Then we’ll add some paints so you can get accustomed to the friction of paint, brush, and paper.”

Sara nodded, eyes wide.

“Now.” He retrieved one of the small brushes from the easel’s tray. “These are made of horse hair, so they’re a bit firm, but not so much as to give you much of a fight. The larger ones are of the more coarse hair, for texture and backgrounds and the like. Here. Try this.”

Sara took it from him, hesitant, her eyes focused on the dark brown of the bristles.

Christopher chuckled. “No need to be fearful, my dear. Tickle the paper a few times.”

Her uncertain expression melted to a smile as she focused to the blank piece of paper. Once she felt and heard the first cautious swish, she retreated.

“No fear, Sara.” He covered her hand with his and guided a few more certain strokes across the paper. When his hand enveloped hers yet again, Sara blinked at the touch. “Note how the grain of the paper effects the bristles? Let us try another brush. One more firm.” He released her long enough to gather one of the larger brushes.

“Do you feel the added resistance?”

Sara nodded, wide eyes unable to look away from their shared touch. She tilted her head.

“Question?” Christopher released his hold, leaving a lingering warmth and impression of a gentle grip.

“Not just yet.” Her eyebrows furrowed as she thought back—

“Then let’s give something a try.”

Sara blinked and turned to look at him. His handsome face seemed brighter as he gathered a watercolor palette. Then he adjusted a small cup of water in the tray of the easel and met her gaze, his hazel eyes clear of any shadow. He helped position the palette within her hands, directing fingers and holds alike, and turned her again to face the easel.

Christopher directed her brush to the cup of water. “The trick with watercolors, in my opinion, is to use the water itself to manipulate the clarity or vagueness of the paint. It all depends upon the mood you wish to convey.” He guided Sara’s hand and the brush along the paper with gentle strokes, the sound much like a whisper for attention.

“Oh. I like that.” Sara continued with the gentle strokes until very little color transferred from brush to paper.

“You like which? The feel or the sound?”

Sara beamed over her left shoulder at him. “Yes.”

He chuckled. “That’s fine then. Now, take stock of what you have there. Only a bit of blue. Is that enough for what you want? Or do you think it needs more?”

Sara looked to the soft and dreamy strokes of blue against white. “I… I do no’ know.”

“Well, let’s continue on.” His warm hold surrounded her hand to direct it to water and then paint. “Then we’ll see what comes about.”

But the picture didn’t become much more than blues and greens, an experiment with a new media and the different types of strokes it offered. Sara allowed herself to be taught, enjoying it more than anything in her life.

Christopher’s patience reminded her of her mother, encouraging her with new things and allowing a retreat to the familiar to make a habit. Neither took notice that Dix never arrived from her retrieval of coffee.


Where Can I Buy Searching for Sara?


Amazon Kindle B&N Nookbook Smashwords Goodreads


Amazon B&N Nona King's eStore

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Fiction Friday

Searching for Sara

Heart of the Blessed | Book One

Inspirational, Historical Romance

Searching for SaraI have been in love with Searching for Sara from the moment I saw the chilling scene of Carla’s death in my mind. Yes, the exchange between Christopher and Carla didn’t make it to the final, but the grief and agony was enough to keep me enthralled with the characters. Even through the heart breaking duty of chopping out 60,000 words! Now I look forward to finishing Sara’s tale in Releasing Yesterday.

About the Book

Sara Little has an intimate knowledge of fear, with faith her only source of comfort. Then God calls her to put aside her past to pursue a life beyond servitude for the English aristocracy. A life in America.

Christopher Lake exists in a void of agony and grief, stripped of his wife, their unborn son, and his passion for art. All that remains to tempt him to life is that of his five-year-old daughter. But after almost two years of wallowing in sorrow and rage, even that is spent.

Searching for Sara is the story of two people who face their daily tortures of fear and grief to find the love and joy of family and a renewal of faith.

What Others Are Saying

“King paints a full-bodied story, rich in imagery, emotion, and spiritual healing. Her prose spills out effortlessly as she introduces us to characters who are multifaceted and easy to love. Historical readers will embrace her fresh voice. I particularly appreciated the realistic relationships between friends and siblings.”

~Ann Lee Miller, author of Kicking Eternity, The Art of My Life, and Avra’s God

“This book is its own little piece of heaven. I didn’t know when I started reading it that I would look forward to my “time away” each night as I ventured into the pages. Sarah Little was a servant in England and has been taken under the wing of a benefactor in America. She learns who she is and finds her place in the world in this wonderful book. Being “little” has nothing to do with the heart of this girl….and with her meek spirit, she shines the light of the Lord to help heal broken hearts and mend families. I highly recommend it.”

~Laura J. Marshall, author of  Persistent Love

“King weaves art in many forms throughout this story, from charcoal and watercolors to tatting and crocheting to old pictures from childhood.  The resulting kaleidoscope is largely pleasing to the reader’s eye.”

~Kim Ford, reviewer for The Wordsmith Journal Magazine.

Where You Can Buy the Book


Amazon KindleSearching for Sara on Nookbook  Smashwords Goodreads


Amazon B&N Nona King's eStore

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Wind Over Marshdale | Book Launch

About the book:

Marshdale. Just a small farming community where nothing special happens.  A perfect place to start over… or get lost. There is definitely more to this prairie town than meets the eye. Once the meeting place of aboriginal tribes for miles around, some say the land itself was cursed because of the people’s sin. But its history goes farther back than even indigenous oral history can trace and there is still a direct descendant who has been handed the truth, like it or not. Exactly what ties does the land have to the medicine of the ancients? Is it cursed, or is it all superstition?

Wind Over Marshdale is the story of the struggles within a small prairie town when hidden evil and ancient medicine resurface. Caught in the crossfire, new teacher Rachel Bosworth finds herself in love with two men at once. First, there is Thomas Lone Wolf, a Cree man whose blood lines run back to the days of ancient medicine but who has chosen to live as a Christian and faces prejudice from every side as he tries to expose the truth. Then there is Con McKinley, local farmer who has to face some demons of his own. Add to the mix a wayward minister seeking anonymity in the obscurity of the town; eccentric twin sisters – one heavily involved in the occult and the other a fundamentalist zealot; and a host of other ‘characters’ whose lives weave together unexpectedly for the final climax. This suspenseful story is one of human frailty – prejudice, cowardice, jealousy, and greed – magnified by powerful spiritual forces that have remained hidden for centuries, only to be broken in triumph by grace.

What others are saying:

“Tracy Krauss has a deep talent. I am looking forward to more from her.”

  • Tom Blubaugh, Author of Night of the Cossack

Tracy Krauss typifies all that is good in modern Christian authorship. She is consistently there for her readers and elevates her every effort.”

  •  Joyce Godwin Grubbs, Author From the Grassroots

“Tracy’s characters are raw and real; her plots edgy and electric.”

  • Lisa Lickel, award winning author of Meander Scar,  A Summer in Oakville, The Map Quilt and other inspirational novels.

 “There is plenty of intrigue and mystery to keep any reader’s attention, but for lovers of romance, this one will make your heart pound.”

  • Michelle Sutton, reviewer and author of more than a dozen inspirational novels

Author bio:

Tracy Krauss is a high school teacher by profession, and a prolific author, artist, playwright and director by choice. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan and has gone on to teach Art, Drama and English – all the things she is passionate about. After raising four children, she and her husband now reside in beautiful Tumbler Ridge, BC where she continues to pursue all of her creative interests.

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