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Opportunities | CWBC

Opportunities are what we make of them.

Just recently, the hubs and I discovered ourselves following the fast-paced life’s road returning us to friends and family in the Pacific Northwest. We have enjoyed our time here in NoDak, for the most part, but look forward to the new opportunities.

My hope is that the return will help me get back into the swing of things in regards to my writing and the motivation to push forward. Of course, I am also considering taking a sabbatical/brain break so I can once again find my footing. Find my passion and inspiration. My ‘why’, as it were.

But, again, opportunities are what we make of them. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong, there is a simple ‘do’ or ‘do not’. Kind of like Yoda, huh?

My challenge will be not to worry and just relax.


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Discovery | CWBC

Life is a daily walk in discovery.

A discovery of self. A discovery of others. Another facet to a broken mirror.

Discovery equals a compilation of looking back, forward, and at the place where we are standing. Listening for the whisper of meaning, of God, of something new to seek.

Sometimes discovery is silent. Sometimes loud. Sometimes just there, waiting for us to blink. To hear and understand.

Discovery is hidden in characters and stories, a question asked and answered to our inner muse. Another facet of our faith, our spiritual walk. Our search for ourselves and who our Lord wants us to be: for us, for others.

Discovery hurts. Sets us free. Gives us power. Makes us smile and cry.

Discovery is a daily walk in life.


This post is part of this month’s topic ‘discovery’ by the ChristianWriters.com Blog Chain.

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Change | CWBC

Christian Writers Blog ChainToday’s post is part of this month’s topic ‘Change’ on the ChristianWriters.com Blog Chain. To be honest, I sit here at 7:24 CST writing this because I wasn’t so certain I knew what I wanted to say about this particular topic. Add into that the pain in my right leg caused by sciatic issues, and it causes me grumpiness and a refusal to do anything but schedule my Teaser Tuesday and Fiction Friday posts.

At least in that there is a change for the better.

But I confess an inspiration for today’s topic earlier in the month when I was watching ‘Treasure Quest’ on streaming. ‘Treasure Quest’ was a show on Discovery Channel that followed Odyssey Marine Exploration on their deep-ocean shipwreck searches looking for not only treasure but history. You see, they are archaeologists as much (or more) as treasure hunters.

Watching these people uncover deep-ocean mysteries reminded me of my childhood dream to be an archaeologist. Although, I suppose I shouldn’t call it a childhood dream because it followed me until college and tickles my fancy even now. Writing was the passion which won out in the end, but I wonder how much my desire to be a student of long-lost history inspired even that? Writers usually support a wide-spread interest in so many things, even if they are nothing but research for a character they are currently filling out on paper.

For example, I studied DNA and genetic engineering for a fan-fiction I wrote back in 2000 (called A Rose By Any Other Name). Most of the knowledge has been lost since then, but at the time I did the research I found it fascinating! And because of my interest in the research, that played out on the page and in the emotional entanglement of the main character and the love interest.

Another example would be the research done for an installment of Bookworms and Booya (I believe it was in #3, Life’s Lessons on Stress, but cannot be positive), another fan-fiction project currently on the waiting list for a rewrite. I had to research “hacking” and how to beat a hacker at their own game. That was when I discovered the different names and levels for these people. Thanks to my friend’s patience, I was able to refute any reviews/commentary that argued with what I put on paper. Well, on FanFiction.net, anyway.

I have done research into crafts for my romance, dabbled in jewelry-making myself, and always take mental notes when at events and such throughout my life. I mean, I wouldn’t be a writer if I wasn’t also an observer, right? I suppose these sub-interests make us writers have more to say and a more poignant way of getting that across to our readers.

Writing has always been the passion of my heart and the driving force behind my imagination, and I never wonder if I should have changed that particular focus. I cannot imagine my life without this aspect of it, and I definitely would not change anything about my current place. There have been challenges and tears and rage, but there has also been growth and blessing and healing; all part of the package of life here on Earth.

Maybe one day I will start doing research on what it would take to get a ticket on one of these marine adventures to the deep?

Nona King


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