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The Funny Thing About Writing

The funny thing about writing is when you get inspiration for an idea and then, once you sit at the computer, you can’t figure out how to start the scene portion.

Frustrating, right?

brainstormingYou read and re-read the before and after portions where you want to insert the scene and then–bam–nothing. You know what you want to insert, but that first segue just won’t come into fruition.

But then I get a moment’s inspiration of how to possibly start it: take into account my main character’s thoughts and feelings at the moment. To be honest, she doesn’t quite know how to approach the scene either. It’s the first time she’s venturing out onto an adventure with this particular person, so imagine the awkward aura!

Bingo! That’s what I use for inspiration into the beginning of the scene. Be it verbal or narrative thoughts, it presents a step 1, which will help me as the scene goes forward.

Well, that’s what the plan is, anyway.

What do you do when a scene idea puts you into a bit of a block?

Nona King


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Opportunities | CWBC

Opportunities are what we make of them.

Just recently, the hubs and I discovered ourselves following the fast-paced life’s road returning us to friends and family in the Pacific Northwest. We have enjoyed our time here in NoDak, for the most part, but look forward to the new opportunities.

My hope is that the return will help me get back into the swing of things in regards to my writing and the motivation to push forward. Of course, I am also considering taking a sabbatical/brain break so I can once again find my footing. Find my passion and inspiration. My ‘why’, as it were.

But, again, opportunities are what we make of them. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong, there is a simple ‘do’ or ‘do not’. Kind of like Yoda, huh?

My challenge will be not to worry and just relax.


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For the past two months I’ve been struggling with motivation, wrestling against distraction as well. My WIP slated for release this December begs for attention, as does the expanded edition of my paranormal fantasy. But can I get myself to sit down and do anything other than email and house searching? No.

Of course, that encourages guilt, which nags at my inspiration and motivation as well–the constant, torturous enemy of a writer. Yes, I have been brainstorming how to begin the December-due WIP, hoping that will draw my mind back from the brink of wherever it has dallied, but I’m still here at the beginning.

I’m certain that the obligations and deadlines don’t help. When I functioned solely on inspiration and which project held the most passion for me at that time, I could finish a draft in but a few weeks, daily churning out at least 30 pages of hand-written–yes, HAND-WRITTEN–story later transcribed/edited into the computer.

Now, in order to actually complete and publish projects, I have setup goals and deadlines. I’m not so certain I have done myself any favors.

Nona King

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