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When We’re Accepted, We Smile

A couple days ago I received an email from JukePop Serials letting me know that my weekly serial submission was accepted. :) It took a couple weeks, but “The Soul Cycle: Para” is in! There is no way for me to describe the relief and . . . encouragement from this acceptance. It’s such a little thing, this acknowledgement, and yet it really hits hard and deep into the soul of a writer.

The Soul Cycle: ParaWe write because we have something to say. We write because we cannot help but put it on paper, these stories and characters. We try and tell ourselves that we don’t care what people think, but in reality we do–deeply. Painfully.

So, please, check out the wonderful Indie Authors on JukePop Serials and vote for your favorites. To do so is really easy: simply read the next chapter. All the stories on JukePop are free. There’s no sign-up fee, and if you find a favorite author, you can donate to their cause. It is the ultimate acknowledgement. The uber-encouragement we writers sometimes need when we wonder why we’re even doing this writing thing.

I haven’t decided yet if I will continue posting the chapters on NonaKing.com, or simply let people know once JukePop Serials is updated every Tuesday. Considering that JukePop is free, and the only annoyance is the one-time registration. . . .

Nona King


This series is now being serialized on JukePop Serials, a free site. You can follow updates from any browser, or use their free app and receive updates in real-time.

> Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jukepop

> iTunes App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/free-serial-stories-jukepop/id579377848?mt=8&uo=4

> Main Site: https://www.jukepopserials.com/

> Story Page: https://www.jukepopserials.com/home/read/1253

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The Funny Thing About Writing

The funny thing about writing is when you get inspiration for an idea and then, once you sit at the computer, you can’t figure out how to start the scene portion.

Frustrating, right?

brainstormingYou read and re-read the before and after portions where you want to insert the scene and then–bam–nothing. You know what you want to insert, but that first segue just won’t come into fruition.

But then I get a moment’s inspiration of how to possibly start it: take into account my main character’s thoughts and feelings at the moment. To be honest, she doesn’t quite know how to approach the scene either. It’s the first time she’s venturing out onto an adventure with this particular person, so imagine the awkward aura!

Bingo! That’s what I use for inspiration into the beginning of the scene. Be it verbal or narrative thoughts, it presents a step 1, which will help me as the scene goes forward.

Well, that’s what the plan is, anyway.

What do you do when a scene idea puts you into a bit of a block?

Nona King


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Deadlines Past

LazinessObviously it is too late for me to make the deadline for the extended edition release of my paranormal fantasy, To Save A Soul. The hope was that a deadline of a May release would help me stay on target. The problem became the amount of content I wanted to add in order to bring this fast-paced and fun NaNoWriMo Novel to its full potential.

Of course, my inability to stay focused contributed to the issue. I can’t help thinking it would have helped if I had outlined the new content at the intended location within the current manuscript . . . but hindsight is always 20/20.

Yes, there was a move from North Dakota to Washington, but when I take into account all the lazing about before and after . . . there really is no excuse. Each day I didn’t work on the manuscript I knew it would bite me in the end. But the amount of content simply overwhelmed me, bringing about my tendency to procrastinate.

It would have helped if I had outlined the new content at the intended location.

Writing journal

Writing journal (Photo credit: avrdreamer)

So, now I find myself in the awkward position of re-organizing my goals and targets. Unfortunately, this also effects my work on book 2 of Heart of the Blessed (Releasing Yesterday), which was to have a December 2013 release. I haven’t done more than summarize the first half of the outline, to say nothing of completing the first draft. In fact, I am embarrassed at how I’ve failed to keep myself on task, especially considering the amount of free-time since losing my job in March.

My challenge now is to learn and, instead of allowing myself to continue down this road, to make a conscious effort to change–and stick with the routine.

That is a big thing: routine. Goals and targets are well and good, but routines are key in helping me complete a project. Once I get into that productive “rut”, as it were, I stick to the cycle with dogged determination. When I have a completed project, that is when I set a target/goal for the finishing of the manuscript and coordination of its release.

Once I get into that productive “rut”, I stick to the cycle with dogged determination.

I cannot stress how important it is to understand how you function successfully as a writer. Every writer is different, and what works for me won’t necessarily work for you. There are a lot of writing books out there which tell you a variation of different approaches but, in the end, only you can truly understand what works. Dabble. Experiment. Incorporate and mix until you find what works for you and then stick to it!

Nona King

What helps keep you on task?


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